Sunny’s Korea Independence Day IG update, a Talk.

By this time everyone must know what happened with Sunny on Korea’s Independence day. She posted on her Instagram account the Korea flag with the caption “역사를 잊은 민족에게 미래는 없다” that means “There is no future for a country who has forgotten its history”

Well, what happened next is the problem, a lot of japanese fans (I’m guessing they’re fans but maybe they are just non fans with the opportunity to bash) left hate comments on Sunny’s Instagram because what he posted was anti-japanese…

I really thought about posting this or not, because that reaction is just non sense for me, but at the end I decided to write about it because when future sunshiners know about this fact don’t get the wrong part and they have a place with all the right information and because sones or kpop fans may be confused. I have to admit I got worried when I read “Sunny’s Instagram is on a terror right now” before knowing anything about what happened.

I’m not going to explain all the Korean and Japan history, but I will give you what you need to know to understand why is so important for Koreans their Gwangbokjeol (Restoration of Light Day). And to do that, I will extract just a paragraph of a book called “The Language of Blood: A memoir”

“My grandparents raised their family during Amhukki. The first decade of Japanese colonial rule is called “The Dark Period” because of the extreme inhumanity and degradation the Korean people suffered”

Sunny did nothing wrong, and I bow to her for being an authentic idol, I think sometimes people don’t realize how smart this girl is. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the independence day of your country that suffered so much.

She’s not being anti Japanese, or whatever, it’s just history, if Japanese fans feels offended because SNSD promote there…. They knew they were Korean, and they know the history, so if they feel attacked it’s their problem, not Sunny’s.

I am so proud of her, she is so hardworker and I am really happy people is appreciating it, not only in Korea, but kpop fans with other bias, and from another fandom do like Sunny, and she’s getting more love everyday, she deserves it and I repeat, I am so proud and happy about this. Lets give all our love to Sunny! ^^

By the way, Sunny’s caption is from a british politician called Winston Churcill, he was also and historian and writer, you can see it here.


Well, that’s all, I’m going to leave you all the links I used if you guys want to read more and also netizens comments about Sunny’s post.

But, before finishing here you have a picture of Sunny’s weirdo-cutie cat that I cant wait her to have, she has so much love to give and I really really love that she has now her own baby ^^

The Language of Blood: a memoir, by Jane Jeong Trenka

Stars celebrate Independence Movement Day + Sunny “There is no future to a country who has forgotten its history”… Uploads Taegeukgi on SNS

Sunny’s Instagram gets bombarred by Japanese fans


4 thoughts on “Sunny’s Korea Independence Day IG update, a Talk.

  1. I’m on the same boat as you, I hope some people stop misinterprets her post.

    What Sunny post was just to show her love towards her homeland and she appreciate what Korean ancestors did for the freedom she delight in today. The quote she used is to remind new generations (include herself) to appreciate the sacrifices made by their ancestors in their struggle for freedom. In the past it may an anti-jap sentiment, but not for N.O.W, today is NEW ERA, Korea is an independent nation. So, the quote she used is more like a reminder to the new generation of Korea not to forget history.

    Just like this one “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana.

    What is the point in learning History? To be haters to other country? NO!. We learned it to be more patriotic towards our homeland, not only for Korea but for all people who have such peaceful and independent country. Some people who think Sunny post is such anti-jap sentiment, those people are stuck in the past and feel insecure.

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      1. Thanks to u too for this article.. My hands were so itchy to reply all negative comment on Sunny’s IG, but I restraint my self, IG comment section is not the best medium to discuss about this, limited space, also I know there is no point talking to people who stuck in the past they keep being negative about that post.

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