Sunny’s Secrets Exes or how I like to call this: “The S.S.E File”

I finished writting this yesterday, I have just read that thing about Sunny dating, but since its just seem like a Roommate “joke” and I havent really watched the episode, lets leave that for now and if there is an update about that I’ll talk about it ^^


This is a hot topic, or maybe a bomb topic? So I needed to talk about it even when this happened a month ago. Sunny, you are on my target.


My biggest surprise was her change of status, on 2014 we had a Sunny telling us how bad she wanted a boyfriend, how she couldnt get one, and stuff like:

“I have now reached the age where I’m beginning to be scared of meeting my relatives. Even my mom has started to question me about when I plan on finding a boyfriend, and I can only use work as an excuse to escape it.” – Sunny, FM Date.


“Before I debuted in SNSD, I didn’t really care about my attitude and appearance. I was like this since young, so I lived my life like a tomboy. My parents always ask me. “How would you get a boyfriend like this?” Nowadays, those kids, having boy, girlfriends since kindergarten, caring too much about their attitude, I should really tidy myself and put more makeup so I can get a boyfriend.” Sunny – FM Date.

140522 (20)

I don’t know about you, but when I read this I thought wow! So maybe Sunny hasnt dated at all? How can that happen? shes’ the greatest woman on earth! *cough* not biased at all *cough*

Even Seho told her “Rumors say that sunny has never had a boyfriend” what did she answered? “I don’t need to explain that one” (This happened on Episode 04 if you want to check it out). For me, her expression when she said that wasnt like a person that was hidden to have dated but like a person who was ashamed or maybe sad? about the fact that she hadn’t had a boyfriend before

So Suddenly, BOOM! Sunny telling us on national TV not that the have dated once, no…. but more ?! After watching all that part of Roommate I concluded that she was talking about two differents guys, one is an idol, and the other not.


What do I think?

1) That this relationships happened “long” time ago, hmm maybe the not-idol guy before or when debut, and the idol guy around 2010-2012. This is just a suspicion.

2) You may think I have no clue about who can be the non-idol ex……. but I HAVE! are you surprised huh? I know you are! So here we go…. I think he is…… wait for it……………………………………………….One of the two guys that appers on this Sunny predebut video OR the guy … I have to say the video has so bad quality I’m not sure if the second is a boy because you cant see the face really well, but because of the hair and the clothes I think its a guy


3) About the idol ex. I missed all the boom when it happened so I didnt see fan’s reactions, but I can imagine them “Taecsun! Sunsun! Sunki!” I still cant believe people think that ship = omgjhsfkjshdf they’re dating. It doesnt mean every single Sunny ship has to be a posibility of being her ex. Anyway……. I think one of the three big ships may be right:

Sunny and Sungmin had a really good relationship, not like those that are made because of a show, like We Got Married, or the “real” and “not used to get more views” couple of Roommate, Jackson and Youngji (If any fan of this couple is reading this I’m sorry, I like them as individual idols, but Roommate PD’s are using them to get more views and that is a fact). Sunsun were real friends, so since their relation suddenly became weird, I can see this couple really happened, and that makes me feel really bad for Sunny… because that would mean she dated the only male idol that is married….. auch.


Well, this is something to archive to the /WeWillNeverKnow’s Sunny files.

By the way, leaving the topic a bit… since I cant see the news when they happen I found a way to see new stuff or what people talks about Sunny, so in case you guys need it, what I do is going to Onehallyu and there you go to Sunny tag, then you will see all the post that were tagged with Sunny ^^ The bad thing is that there are not that much sunshiners, so maybe there is not all there, but they post the important things 🙂

Making that I saw something that makes me say “Hell Yeah Sunny!!!” Sunny’s on Roommate Ep 17 make 4 articles + Sunny states she has dated a celebrity in less than 30 minutes of the episode? thats my girl! I want to hear cry the Roommate staff that takes away Sunny’s screentime


So, what do you think about Sunny’s exes?  Do you want her to date again and reveal her boyfriend? or do you prefer her to keep it “kpop-classic” in secret? Tell me your thoughs!

See ya!



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