To ship or not to ship, are that the only questions?

Hello everyone! It’s been a kind of long time ^^ I hope you are all ok, I am really really tired! I have had a lot of work lately but since yesterday it seems I’m having at least some free time on the day and I can finally update the blog!


I guess you are all attracted because of the tittle, first of all I want to make it clear, I am not hating on anyone or something like that ok? because first of all what we all need on this world its respect and freedom. We all have opinions, we all have different personalities, and that’s totally perfect. If not the world will be boring!

So, I have decided to share my opinion of this because yesterday, when I was searching Sunny updates on forums, twitter, tumblr, etc. I have seen suddenly there is a lot of Sunny ships on Roommate. I and I am here like… why? … ok ok I get it, there are a lot of Sunny interactions with guys, its cute, I get that, what I don’t really get is the “ship” thing, why do people always have to ship idols? I mean, if we are shipping Sunny with every idol or actor or boy she interacts with that will be all korean male (and actually, female) population, because she is really friendly and lovely and charming and etc, the thing with Roommate is that we all can see that interaction, that is Sunny on her daily life, getting well with boys, playing with them, joking around, etc. That’s one thing I love about her, that she hangs out with boys. Anyway, I’m fine with it, I mean, is not like I hate people that ship idols! don’t get me wrong, but what I am not fine with is that they start hating on something or someone because of that, what I see wrong is that fans take that to another level, and lets be honest, there are ships and SHIPS. Linking two people together because you saw them on a variety show and their chemistry was amazing, SHIP, linking two people together just because you are biased with both of them but they dont even know each other…. is not a ship! so I will think for my own good that is just joking… hahhaa 😛 Anyway, maybe one day I talk about this again because actually Sunny has really cute interactions with some idols, and today I just I wanted to talk about Roommate ships.

I said a lot of ships on Roommate but actually “a lot” means three:

1.- Sunny + Jackson

2.- Sunny + Ryohei


3.- Sunny + Dongwook


I saw there are a lot of mixed opinons, mostly with Jackson and Ryohei and this is the reason why I actually wanted to write this post.

Jackson I think there are a lot of sones who don’t like his personality and thats why we can say this ship, I think people call it Jacksun, its 35% Yes 65% No (I really could say its 25% and 75%) This is for Sones and Sunny fans, BUT for GOT7 and Jackson fans it can be the opposite, and that really amazes me, I thought fangirls will be hating on her for getting along so well with their idol.

Ryohei is the ship that people say its forced to be a love line, and I wont say its not forced to be a loveline, what I think is that Sunny and Ryohei interactons are 100% natural, if PD’s and Roommate staff use that to have a love line (like a change of music or whatever) its independent, but this is just my opinion.

Dongwook could be the most accepted among sones and sunshiners. But since there are not that much interactions its not a big thing yet.

So, I actually searched on tumblr for the gifs because I felt lazy to make them myself, and I got like all Sunny and Jackson interactions on gifs but made by Jackson fans (on tumblr) and 0 gifs of the others XD. Why??? come one Sones! Sunshiners! gif anything Sunny-related! hahahha 😛 It is fun to see this and the others Sunny interactions on tumblr ^^

This gif, I dont know why, its really funny for me XD the way Sunny’s hand appears out of nowhere


By the way, I thought of creating a new tumblr (the one I use for searching its personal) but the soonkyuholic name its taken :(. Getting back to the poing, do you want to know what Sunny + Roommate boy its my favorite? Yes, I have favorites interactions even when I don’t “ship”, Sunny its a world herself so I am passionate whatever she makes :D. Here you have:

So, do you believe in ships?

See ya!



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