If you were curious about how Sunny + Chanyeol rumor started, here you have

Rumors are like that, just rumors, and this one is incredible.

This rumor was started by this facebook page because they posted this:

SNSD’s Sunny and EXO’s Chanyeol are dating .
cr. Riz Noona

I tried to find who that “Riz Noona” was and it is another facebook page, anyway, you can see that the page that posted that rumor as confirmed has +100 likes so people started commenting on twitter, facebook, etc and the rumor started…. Yes, that easy…. >.<

I know this is a weird post for me to write but since I dont have any rule here I can! hahahahha party!!!!!!!! šŸ˜€ Its really quick because I dont have too much time, but here you have some Sunny as a present ^^

So please, before spreading rumors remember always check the source! And if I am wrong or you want to add something please tell me.

See ya!



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