Roommate Timeline, I think I got headache :(

Hello Hello Hello! How are you today? Have you recovered about Sunny’s picture for Girls Generation The Best New Edition?

Because I haven’t…

0I have discovered I have a problem when writing on the blog, sometimes I want to write about so many things and I don’t have enough time to write all and since I can’t decide for just one thing at the end I don’t make any post…

I have just seen Roommate Episode 3, I have to say I had a blast watching it! Sunny was on the first half I think… but anyway, the cast it’s so good! The part of the market with Dong Wook was hilarious, He and Ryohei always make me laugh! And at first I didn’t like Seho that much… and no, is not that I love him now, but after the ball hitting him … he got ++ points hahaha.

After I watched the episode, I found myself trying to figure out what were the real days of filming, and after making some research, I seriously got crazy, I mean, how many times do they change clothes? because I though “Ok, so this must be another day” but then there were anothers who had the same outfit, so actually the other have changed, and also there are stories, like the Jackson starving on the middle of the night and the historical trip that are totally from another different day that can be like a week after, so I’m going to tell you what I got on the easy way.

Here we go:

First of all I want to repeat again that there are stories from other days between, in case you are confused, I am just saying the stories that takes most of the episode

Episode 21:

Filmed on 140913

Why? Joon park posted this picture on this day, I guess you can see it is when they were waiting for Seho

This day on FM Date was prerecored, and also because the next day after this one is Nana’s birthday, that is on 14th september, and if we see when they go to sleep some of them, for instance, Guk Joo, have the same outfits that they wore at night, so Nana’s birthday was the they after of the first filming day.

Anyway, I have some doubts about this day. Sunny on FM Date from 140915 used this:

When she came back gome after her schedule on Roomate filming:

I actually think she just used the same sweater both days, we all know Sunny is not like those celebrities that needs to have different outfits everyday, but maybe they mixed/edited that part? What do you think? I just know one thing for sure and is that the first day of filming was the 140913.

Episode 22:

Filmed on 140914

Someone spotted Sunny this day and took her a picture:

We can see Sunny is wearing the same t-shirt when going to pilates:

Nana went for a schedule this day and Orange Caramel performed at Wapop Concert on 140914

This day Sunny didnt go to any schedules, and there is not FM Date pictures of her from this day, but I am not sure about this because I havent seen anywhere that she show was pre-recorded, anyway, I’m saying this because when she was playing legos the room had day light, and at night she is still wearing the same outfit, maybe she went to FM Date and then put the same clothes again, anyway, this day has to be 140914

Episode 23:

Filmed on 140915

Basically I know 100% this because someone spotted them at the market and posted a picture:

Also, this was shown at the end of the episode:

So thats it! ^^ what do you think? is anything else you have spotted? Tell me and I will add it! ^^

See ya!



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