Sunshiners be like “SUNNY PLZ GO AND DATE”

I don’t know if you have realized how bad Sunny wants a boyfriend lately, she’s trying to give us a concept:

“I’m Anti-Couples”

But we all know it’s the opposite and that she really wants a boyfriend:

Yesterday at FM Date:

  • YL : Sunny ah , so many young people have boyfriends already, what about you ?
  • Sunny : Too cruel, don’t antagonize me, don’t make me cry, Did you have a girlfriend when you were 26 ?
  • YL : I had a girlfriend called XS
  • Sunny : I’m anti couples, also, before steeping into the wedding hall, everything can change

(cr itsakyo )

By the way, I have no idea who YL is.

And this is not the only thing, I looked for the translations of FM Date where she mentioned couples/boyfriends, lets take a look:



  • Listener: I rode the ferris wheel with my boyfriend, I almost peed my pants when the wind blows at me!
  • Sunny: My dream is to ride the ferris wheel with my boyfriend, the one i love, but I never had thought of the wind problems.. At that situation, most people, will think ‘Oh my god, I’m so scared I’ll fall!’, but I’m the type to say something like “Ayy~ It wouldn’t fall! it’s sturdy! Don’t worry!’….. I need to date someone with opposite personality of mine then…

(cr soongyueopsal )


  • Sunny: Speaking of dolls, I feel like going to the amusement park suddenly. I wanna find a boyfriend and ride on a cable car. Not during the day, I want to go at night, the type with lights, the pretty ones! Speaking of boyfriends…I can only sigh…if any of you have gone on a cable at night, send me an account of it and tell me how it felt.

(cr itsakyo )


  • Sunny: Currently, there is a couple who are going to get married in the audiences that’s listening right now. As a single person, I dare not guarantee that there wouldn’t be any break up songs in today’s playlist…

(cr 饱猫007’s Chinese Trans )


  • Sunny said that the only kind of date she recently had is FM Date, LOL. And she also read text message from a married couple asking her to bless them, making her blow air from her nose. She said she doesn’t like couples (LOL) but still likes married couples. But she said she doesn’t know why hot air keeps coming out of her nose as she read the couple’s message.

(cr glider003)


  • Sunny is jealous of a newlywed couple who are 25 and 23, who are younger than her… she’s calling to interview them


  • Sunny also congratulated an engaged couple who just set the date for their wedding. She did also say that she was really jealous and that their story was completely a foreign thing to her own life, and then apologised, saying that it was a joke

(cr oniontaker )


Did you see? Sunny through time have changed from being jealous and being an anti couples to “I wanna find a boyfriend”, “My dream is to ride the ferris wheel with my boyfriend, the one i love” then she repeated the anti couple thing so we cant see her real state, don’t worry babe! you will find the perfect one!

I don’t blame her, she has couples all around her, even when they dont normally date, like Taeyeon for instance, I dont think she can go on a date with Baek right now, but I’m sure she and Tiffany are talking about their boyfriend all day “Nich is having breakfast right now, look the selfie he sent me, so cute right?” etc. etc.

Do you believe this situation?

I’m actually really curious of why Sunny is single, I refuse to believe there is no guy that has asked her on a date, so I’m thinking three things: she is waiting for the right one, she is waiting for a specific one or she is just waiting for SNSD to end

I dont think is the last one since the other girls haven`t had problems dating, just Taeyeon, but maybe she wants a normal relationship, not one where they have to hide even when all people know they are dating, I actually don’t get this, if all Korea know they are dating, and a lot of people accept it, why they just cant go out, or go to an event together, Yoona is the perfect example for this, I’m sure Korea love this couple and despite that she is going to some awards or something where her boyfriend is going too and I’m sure they won’t be together at the red carpet, why? WHY? do you know how much will that pictures on the red carpet worth? A LOT!

Let’s all wish Sunny happiness 🙂 I’m sure she will find the right one and then he will take her to the amusement park

Ride with her on a cable car

And make her dream come true

Yep, lucky boy. If not, Sunny go and ask him on a date yourself 😉

See ya!



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